PANJI catering


with two decades of history

авио кетъринг Летище Бургас


Our Air.Catering provides high quality airline catering to Bulgarian and International aviation companies for more than two decades. From the beginning 20 years ago, to this day, we’ve been a trusted partner to the largest air carriers, operating in Bulgaria.

Our production facilities are strategically placed in the near vicinity of the Burgas Airport. Our kitchens are professionally equipped with high class appliances that corresponds with the current standards for producing a world class airline catering. Our company also has a logistics facility located at the Airport grounds.

Great location, quality produce and experienced team – those are our main advantages. They allow us to produce, preserve and deliver always fresh and good tasting food for your flight.


Our company is certified to provide airline catering services for both Burgas Airport and Plovdiv Airport. Orders for the latter are to be placed at least 48 hours before the flight departure. For more information, contact us.


Our Air.Catering kitchen works 24/7, 365 days a year. This allows us to provide freshly cooked meals for your flight each and every time, no matter the departure date and time.

Air.Catering’s chefs always keep abreast with the latest culinary trends. Our standard and specialized menus will satisfy even a person of the finest of tastes.

For all our catering we use only the best of high quality ingredients in order to serve the best meals to your passengers and crew. Fresh and tasteful meals are our priority.




Our team never ceizes to learn, experiment and refine our recipes. Our chefs and staff participate in professional trainings and coaching sessions with renowned international consultants and experts.


We only use fresh products of the best quality in preparing our catering menus. We work with selected suppliers, known for their attention to the quality of all fruit, vegetable, meat and dairy products they deliver.


Our menu includes large variety of baked goods, appetizers, sandwiches, breads and desserts. Our consultants always create modern, tasty and top-quality catering menus for our clients.